Too Darned Cold

Last night, my son and I went to see Interstellar at the movies. It’s been colder than normal here in Texas, as in many of the US states. But I was shocked when I opened the door of the theatre and stepped out into the SNOW! It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and it was snowing! I’m not a fan of the cold – give me a sunny beach any day of the week! It also reminded me of our horrid and destructive ice storm last December. Even in the destruction, though, you could find some beauty…




Lost In The Chaos of the Rut

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In early October, I began to see signs of the rut beginning in our part of the woodlands. Where the usual deer sighting had been limited to does and fawns (mostly Daisy and her little herd), it became quite common to observe a few very young bucks roaming the area just below the slope. Often, a low grunting noise accompanied the sighting of a buck with his nose to the ground, in search of a doe. I saw Daisy or Spirit being chased many times, attempting to get away from the unwanted attention of these love-struck, one- and two-year-old bucks. Whitetail does are not interested in a buck until they are in estrus, and only then do they decide they are ready to mate – but that does not stop the boys from trying!


Dancer is just a week old, hidden in the iris beds.

Dancer is just a week old, hidden in the iris beds.

At times, it appeared that Daisy and Spirit almost seemed…

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…Chasing Waterfalls…

I’m often taken back in time to that song of the 90s by TLC, “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls” and sing it in my head for hours at a time. But I wanted to make a different experience for you since it was rolling around in my head. Now I do LIKE chasing waterfalls and their beauty! These were taken outside of Portland, OR in the Multnomah and Wakheena Falls areas.