One of my favorite songs is Andy Griggs’ “Heaven”. So when I saw the Tuesday Photo Challenge by Dutch Goes The Photo of Nostalgia I immediately thought of that song. Here are two photos from back when I was a little kid.  (I’m not saying how long ago that was..)

This first photo is very special to me. There is a place here in Texas named Canton. Most people know it by First Monday. Each weekend of the first Monday of the month this monster “flea market”opens for folks all over the country to come shop around antiques, home furnishing, collectibles and, of course, funnel cakes. But back in the old days, about 125 years or so after the established market days, I went with my grandmother (one the left), her boyfriend and my very special great Aunt Floy (on the right). We took a picnic and ate out by the car – her green monster on the right side of the photo.


The second photo is one that reminds me of playing in the snow with my dad. Living in north Texas meant that every couple of years you got just enough snow to last one day and make that snowman. This one has a heart, an umbrella and an apron.


Good Match

The Daily Post Photo Challenge: A Good Match was fun for me this week. I took the time to go thru some photos that I had taken several years ago and see what matches I could discover.

A good match is a window and a door. And that old saying “When God closes a door He usually opens a window”.

Hope you enjoy!
Fort Reno chapel door


Fort Reno chapel windowTaken on a trip to Fort Reno, OK. 

52 Tuesdays Challenge #15: Tea

Tea – it has two meanings for me – that sweet tea that the South is known for and the delicate little cups that hot tea is served in.

Here are a few photos of one of my favorite tea sets (well, two of my favorite tea set items -sugar & cream) that I’ve seen. In a bed and breakfast in Fort Smith, AR this was on my breakfast tray. Enjoy!




52 Tuesdays Challenge – Join Me!

Back in January of 2013 I started a challenge – hoping my other photog bloggers might join me – to post each Tuesday of the year based on a word starting with T (maybe that has something to do with my first initial…hmmm). It is the 52 Tuesdays Challenge. You can take a look back at the previous posts here.

So though it is already into the new year, I am restarting the challenge where I left off – #14 was the last post.

I hope you join me each week or any week you feel you have a photo or photos to share. Feel free to include a story, quote or whatever may cross your mind with the word.


Appearance on “An Artist Speaks”

On Saturday, I was interviewed by Michael Harris with CAGO (Contemporary Art Gallery Online) Media for “An Artist Speaks”. It was very exciting to be interviewed and a great opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings around/about my photography. If you have 30 minutes or so please go to the interview and then let me know what you think of it or any questions.

I’ll also share the photos here that I talked about in the interview. Enjoy!

After the Shower

After The Shower

Alaskan reflection NAMED

Alaskan Reflection

Sit With Me

Sit With Me

Allis Chalmers

Allis Chalmers