In Our Texas Yard

Spring brings all sorts of beautiful, and I mean beautiful, wildflowers in the great state of Texas. At our house we are blessed to see many of them in our own yard! So I wanted to share with you some photos from our yard. And a side note – the one that is my favorite is just now blooming – the Indian Blanket flower (otherwise known more technically as the Gaillardia pulchella) so look for more of those to come.

In the meantime – Enjoy!

My Own Light Show

For my birthday my Hubby and I took the motorcycle out to the west of Austin/San Antonio and rode the Twisted Sisters (Three Sisters) route .  We stayed in a comfy bed and breakfast, Meyer, in Comfort, TX. Our lodging was very unique and we truly enjoyed our stay – in a building that was probably once a store or office back in the day. Anywho, my point – our back porch was lit with Christmas lights! It was a great space with a table, hammock and chairs. Very relaxing. One evening I sat in the hammock and played around with my camera and the Christmas lights. Hope you enjoy the results as much as I enjoyed taking them!