Call the entomologist!!!! – picture from yesterday

I was innocently taking pictures of some Indian paintbrushes one spring day. Having found some ladybugs crawling along a stem I, of course, bent down to take closer pictures. When I downloaded the pics for a closer look I discovered the picture below. As my amazing husband noted, only I could take X-rated nature photos!!!


Call the Entomologist (© 2011 Tisha Clinkenbeard)

9 thoughts on “Call the entomologist!!!! – picture from yesterday

  1. too funny!;) mind if I add you to my links and link to your blog in my post tomorrow?:)
    I reeeally love good photography, and yours is great! It made me smile, and I want more people to come and check it out too! thanks for a laugh!

  2. Wonderful image. Once riding in the Blue Ridge I was swarmed by thousands of lady bugs. When I stopped at a scenic view, I had to brush hundreds of them off my motor cycle seat and leathers – trying not to hurt them in leaving.

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