More gardenias – pictures from yesterday

In my last post I had a request for more gardenias but in bloom. So here you go! Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “More gardenias – pictures from yesterday

  1. I beleive Gardinia’s are my favorite then the Amarylis. I started my first Gardinia from a cutting of my grandmother’s and now have 3 plants in the flowerbeds plus have rooted some for neighbors. Love your pictures. Mom : )

    • Thank you, mom! I have to admit I hadn’t paid much attention to them until the front bush bloomed – then the smell was just wonderful and caught my attention. I planted more bushes around the house late spring but they did not survive the harsh summer.

  2. Woah – these blooming gardenias are the largest I have seen. Mum had planted them in our garden in Sydney and I can remember their beautiful smell. Though they would be about half the size of those in your images. These are stunning. They remind me of well crafted sugar flowers, especially the last two.

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