Circus City – Hugo, OK – second in the series

In my last post on Circus City I shared some of the history of the circuses and the city. This post is much more visual than that one. I wanted to continue to share the photos of the tombstones of the circus performers. I find them amazing in that they show the person(s) and tell of their roles in the circus. Their stardom, if you will.








2 thoughts on “Circus City – Hugo, OK – second in the series

  1. I just love this. Not just because I grew up just across the Red River but also because I had NO idea that these gravestones were up there. Fantastic reporting, Tisha.

    • Thank you! I had forgotten about it and it seems it’s such a neat little piece of history and also part of the present with the circuses still wintering there. And of course, as you will see in future posts, there are more than the circus folks buried there – several other “celebrities” from other walks of life. The tombstones of the “regular folk” are just as spectacular as the performers, too. I’ve got them coming later in the series.

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