My miracle cat – pictures from yesterday

My cat Tori is really my little miracle. She certainly has proved that cats have nine lives. I picked her from at least a dozen other kittens in the late summer of 2004. She weighed 1/2 lb. She already had an attitude. While sitting in the room with all the kittens she was one that seemed to not care much if you paid her attention. She showed curiosity but that was about it. She did keep a watch on me the entire time. I have to admit I chose her because she intrigued me and she was cute.  So on that Saturday I took her home with the help of my nephew and sister. By Tuesday she wasn’t eating or drinking so off to the vet we went. He diagnosed her with tapeworms. The problem was that she was now down to 0.3 lbs and they didn’t dose that low of weight for the treatment of the tapeworms. So the vet adjusted to his judgement and then it was a waiting game. For the next 24 hours I fed her wet food and water with a syringe, minus the needle. She slept on my chest in between feedings.  All went well and she was back in action by the end of the week.

Tori's baby picture

my nephew Nicholas and Tori watching TV

Her next encounter was an eye infection that scared the vet and I both. With some antibiotics and about 48 hours of patience it was cleared and we were all relieved.

In the meantime, Tori was enjoying life in her usual Diva way. She loved to play with toys and feather and we spent much time with feathers under the door and her paw chasing them. I have several videos of her playing with what can only be described as a chicken bird toy – tossing it in the air and stalking it.

Tori on cabinets

We made the move to a house in 2007. She quickly declared it her house and I just the person who paid the bills. I was gone during the week with work and so she had her Aunt Becca, my sister, to feed and play with her. I usually paid for being gone by being ignored for the first 15 minutes to 24 hours depending on her mood.

Then in September of 2008 we had a horrific experience. On a Saturday I just had a gut feeling that she wasn’t healthy – perhaps sick or such. I didn’t think it was anything severe but she had lost a little weight – barely noticeable. So off to the animal ER. About 20 minutes after they took her back the vet comes out to talk to me. She was in renal (kidney) failure and her BUN was off the measurable scale while her creatinine was at the max of the scale. The news was that she might not make it thru the night. I was shocked and devastated. They let me in the back to see her. It broke my heart to see the IV in her and her sitting in the little cage while they treated her. I visited her every couple of hours and sometimes got to hold her in an empty exam room.

The next news was that the vet would ask a specialty vet to accept her for treatment on Monday morning – we would have to wait until then to see if that was a possibility. So I picked her up and got the news that she was accepted. Then we had a late morning appointment at the specialist. They kept her in the ICU there for 7 days. I could go once a day and visit which included me holding her for up to two hours at one point in an exam room. I brought a blanket for her to curl up in and try to sleep. Only one of the days could I not get her to calm down and sleep. Finally, she got to come home with her BUN and creatinine at a high average. I was amazed and thankful. She slept in a basket for about 3 days – I guess catching up on all the sleep she likely missed and just recovering. We changed her diet to one with little to no protein.

Today she is fat and happy and has done extremely well. Her prognosis when she came out of the hospital was 2-3 years of life. We are over 3 years now with diet change. I pray every day that she continues to be healthy. She is my miracle. She’s certainly still the Diva but has adjusted well to the move we made and my marriage and family. She loves my husband and children.

So that is her story so far! Every day is a blessing!

sleeping in basket after hospital

Christmas 2008

2 thoughts on “My miracle cat – pictures from yesterday

  1. What a fabulous story – I am so happy it had a happy ending! She looks much healthier and I hope she continues to be the miracle that she is. I love her baby photo – what a cutie pie! You’re a wonderful owner 🙂

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