5 thoughts on “Entomology semester two – spiders!

    • So please tell my crowd what a harvestmen is?? Is it in the spider group? See I’m really not an entomologist and that is part of what the series is about – my lack of knowledge about bugs but their beauty in and of themselves…

      • According to Wikipedia they are still arachnids – yeah! Here is the link: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harvestman
        “The difference between harvestmen and spiders is that in harvestmen the two main body sections (the abdomen with ten segments and cephalothorax, or prosoma and opisthosoma) are broadly joined, so that they appear to be one oval structure; they also have no venom or silk glands”

        They are also referred to as Daddy longlegs.

    • I usually just happen upon them. I don’t recall that I’ve ever gone looking for the little critters. Some I’ve seen and run to get the camera. But they are an integral part of nature and so they are super neat to me. Snakes are not on my list of neat, BTW. 🙂

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