Saturday Silliness – Raggedy Ann Had Too Much Fun on New Year’s Eve :)

Found this while looking thru the blogs this morning. Even Hubby stopped in his tracks, stepped back, and said “What the?” then immediately started laughing when he saw the picture clearly!

katie's camera blog - Katie Johnson Photography

Time for some more Saturday Silliness. (: To see the previous posts/ images, please click here.


Look who I found early on New Year’s Day 2011! Raggedy Ann had way too much fun last New Year’s Eve. (:

After I posted my Raggedy Andy photo during my first week of blogging, a wonderful reader of my blog, Amber, said that it looked like Andy was depressed and strewn out on the floor and forgotten. That gave me an idea…. 🙂

So out came Raggedy Ann for her little photo shoot earlier this week. For a prop, I found a little empty liquor bottle. I shot this in the morning sun, so there would be shadows, and then I made sure Ann’s smile was showing, just to lighten the mood.

So have a wonderful (and silly) time this New Year’s Eve. Just don’t end up like Raggedy Ann, passed…

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Silliness – Raggedy Ann Had Too Much Fun on New Year’s Eve :)

  1. Oh, I’m so glad you and your Hubby liked this one. That’s exactly the response I (and Raggedy Ann 🙂 ) wanted. Wonderful to hear. Thank you so very much. And thanks for the re-blog!

    Have a wonderful 2012!

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