What is this?

This very interesting photo was taken of an evergreen – what I guess is – a seed. Anyone know what this tree is or what the “seed” might be?

Nature's Detail

9 thoughts on “What is this?

  1. Tisha –

    What is the proximity here? I mean, is this object the size of a grain of rice, a walnut, or perhaps this is microscopic…? I just wonder because conifers have ‘seeds’ per Se’, it really depends on the particular species as to what form they take. Of course,…could just be new growth? maybe even some form of fungus? Anyway, very cool photo.

    • They were just so interesting!! It was almost like they were stamps- and they each had exactly the same pattern. Just amazing! Yes, I didn’t even think about them as Christmas decorations since it was September. I don’t know how they would hold up after a couple of weeks or months…

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