Chevrolet 4400 1954 model in a pasture

Today, while driving around thru rural AR (Gentry) my hubby spotted this old house, barn and a gem of a truck. Of course, I LOOOOVVE old stuff. The history and the stories that live in them….!!!! So after looking over the pictures and doing some research I found out that it appears to be a 1954 Chevrolet 4400 flatbed truck. (here is a link to a restored model – courtesy of Wikipedia)  To add more to the story, there is a knob that reads “MUNCIE”. Come to find out this is a power take off more than likely added to it for driving machinery not on the truck – typically on tractors (another link to Wikipedia telling you about power take offs).

So enjoy a little bit of history and mystery!!





5 thoughts on “Chevrolet 4400 1954 model in a pasture

  1. Very cool! I like that old stuff too Tisha! Think of all the stories living inside that truck! You know it has seen so many different wars, presidents, (if there was a radio working – lot’s of transformations in music)G, probably the budding of many relationships & maybe the end of one or two. Crazy to think about the stories – it’s like the film “The Red Violin” – but in the deep south!

    Hey, glad you like all that research… I bought a tractor (please feel free to photograph!) & it took some serious investigating just to find exactly what model it was!!

    Turns out (and good for me) – it is an 1958 Ford 841D…but if you didn’t know better, it looks like an “N” model Ford – much smaller & not very compatible with modern implememnts. This tractor has: 172cu inch engine, PTO, & 3-point hook up. The serial number had been obliterated, so I had to do some research! There were supposedly lots of options for this tractor…but I am having trouble locating a ‘real’ list. Ya know, things like power steering etc… ummmm, I guess I got off the subject, but well…cool pics!

    • I’d love to photograph your tractor!!! Let me know when – maybe 1/13… Is it in our hometown?
      Yes, I just can’t imagine the stories or the people! And it was a blast to research. That was really the first time I’ve researched my “another life, another time” subjects. I also wonder what they connected to the PTO – what type of machinery.

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