A version of pioneer woman – Imogen Cunningham

I was halfway watching a show on TV – I don’t even know the name, as that was how much I was watching it. The name and a work of Imogen Cunningham come up and it caught my attention. So instead of continuing to watch the show I immediately went to researching her. She apparently was an early – meaning 1906 was her first photo “released” – a nude of herself. Can you imagine? An artist releasing a nude photo of herself with a mail order camera. I am wondering how she got it to do a delayed photo…

Imogen Cunningham self portrait 1906 (courtesy DPTips Central)

Apparently she went on to take the photography world by storm – being the first female photographer of prominence in the field. She is associated with names such as Ansel Adams  (one of my fav photographers ever!) and Edward Westin. Her early photos were primarily portraits and she even did work as a photographer for Vanity Fair. Her later work was much more targeted to nature. Most of her works that I have found are black and  white.

As I see it, after about 15 minutes of research, she seems to be a woman ahead of her time. Her nudes, involvement in the arts in general and her high-profile position in photography make her impressive. I can’t imagine a woman photographer with a portfolio of nude portraits being easily, if at all, accepted in society today.

What an inspiration!

Imogen Cunningham Magnolia Blossom Tower of Jewels 1925 (courtesy of DPTips Central)


More on Imogen:

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