Let´s go here friday night!

I somehow just love this photo! I think it’s the light and the variation of the softness….


Sometimes people just do way to much with their design. Way to much!

I think this restaurant/lounge is a great example, that proves my point. You might not agree, but I think most of you guys would share my point of view! 

This is basically Urban Interior. This extravagant sake bar and lounge is located in a famous shopping district in Tokyo. To be more precise in Omotesando which is in the hip and trendy Harajuku neighborhood. Harajuku is know to be the spot to be if you like observing unique clothing styles. 

The lounge which is created as a student project at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, looks like it´s been swallowed by the monster of poppy colors and strange shapes!

“The wide-open layout and opulent interiors of Urban Interiorites without a doubt captures the imagination of any passersby immediately. The building pushes boundaries and challenges viewers…

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