Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

To journey is to travel.This can be a physical travel as one might travel the US or the world. Or it can be a journey of life or spirit. I’ve chosen to go with photos of my travels. Here are just a few from my travels over the last several years that remind me of some of the places I have been.


This photo was taken in San Diego harbor – mind you, this photo is in color, not sepia – during the fires of 2008. I was there and just speechless about the whole situation. People were fleeing the fires, the city was on its way to being overtaken with the fires, and the emotions were ones that I cannot describe.


On a lighter, happier note – this photo is from Beavers Bend, OK. It is the place where we go every year for my husband’s family reunion. This photo was of an early fall morning when the river still had that mist hanging over it and the fall leaves were beautiful!


Ahhhh, Alaska! The first memories this brings back is the joy and relaxation of my honeymoon with my hubby! The scenery was breathtaking and the serenity just – well, serene!

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