A Ladybug’s Daisy – picture from yesterday

While roaming around Honor Heights Park yesterday I came upon this daisy occupied by a ladybug. When I took a look at the photo on my computer I fell in love with the light of the daisy against the shadow of the ladybug.

6 thoughts on “A Ladybug’s Daisy – picture from yesterday

      • Sometimes it’s worth the while to take just enough pictures of one and the same object so you will end up with something gorgeous as this… well done!

      • Again, Thank you! My husband is so patient with me when we go to these type of parks and such. He even points out insects, critter and neat variations for me. He is just a wonderful muse for me!

      • Well that’s great… most of the time when I hit the road with my camera, I go alone, ’cause I don’t want anyone waiting for me all the time when I am busy taking photos

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