Perfect Storm: Mitch Dobrowner

These are awesome photos! I am awed by the eye of his work (no pun intended at all!) and the bravery. It shows nature at its most chaotic and the peace afterward.

Welcome to Five Foxes

Exquistite images of storms across the US by New York photographer, Mitch Dobrowner. Blog Professional Photography has this quote from Dobrowner, describing his art:

“The Earth is an ever changing eco-system. It’s existed well before we were here and will hopefully be here well beyond the time we leave it. It’s real, at times beautifully surreal, powerfully haunting and alive, all at the same time.”

“While photographing, the world gets quiet around me. Things seem simple again, and I obtain a respect and reverence for the world that is hard to communicate through words. I get into a ‘zone’ where time and space seem hard for me to measure. For me those moments are a combination of the exterior environment and my own interior state. Hopefully the images presented help communicate what I visualize during those times.”

The word ‘stunning’ doesn’t quite cut it.


Which one’s your favourite? Personally…

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