Nature In Travel Art Group

Recently, the Nature in Travel Art Group held a contest and I wanted to share with you the winners. There were a lot of fabulous photos from all over the world so you might even check it out here.

First place went to Brian Harig with Wind Blown Tree.

© Brian Harig

Brian Harig is a travel photographer based in Huntsville, Texas. He travels throughout the world and has the opportunity to capture a host of beautiful images from all parts of the globe. Brian’s photographic ability, passion, creativity and attention to detail make his images very desirable for the collector and the home decorator alike. Brian is interested in photographing a number of different subjects and has compiled an impressive collection of award-winning images for you to choose from.




Second place went to Keith Ducker of Baywest Imaging with High Sierra Reflections.

© Keith Ducker

Keith showed a passion for photography 40 years ago. His once black and white film strips have now been transformed into digital images. A landscape contractor by trade, Keith is drawn to photographing nature’s landscapes. He mix’s his passion for hiking and traveling with his photography, and his dream to share his work with others is now underway.





Third place went to Christine Till with Death Valley’s Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes.

© Christine Till

Christine’s photography covers a wide range of subjects such as fine art, still life, black and white, infrared, portrait, animal, architecture, landscape, national and international travel and corporate (commercial) images.


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