Not so sleepless in Seattle – day 1

Recently my husband and I got to spend two days in the Seattle area sightseeing and just adventuring. We like adventuring. The first day we took on the Seattle Pike’s Place area. Then day two we headed out for Mt. Rainier.

Day 1 we headed to Pike’s Place Market with the help of the GPS on my handy cell phone. We found some expensive parking spot and made our way to the market. The market was very interesting but, honestly, smaller than I had expected. We saw the infamous Pike Place Fish Co.

Pike’s Place Market

Pike’s Place Fish Co.

My favorites were the plethora of flowers!


fringed poppy

We also saw the old market stands at the end of the market that now were, apparently, for the setup of the more temporary vendors.

old market stand

We meandered through the market and then down Pike street. Finding the Beecher’s cheese store where we purchased some yummy cheese that we enjoyed later that night with a glass (or two) of wine.

Beecher’s cheese

Then a stop at Cinnamon Works where we gobbled a pumpkin cookie – by far the best cookie we’ve ever had – it was even fresh and warm from the oven with the icing a smidge on the runny side. We were so mesmerized by the cookie that I forgot to take any photos of the spot!

Next we made our way to the aquarium where we got to see the feeding of the anemones, various starfish, birds and fishies.

momma Sekiu and baby Aniak nursing

tiny fish

orange billed oyster catcher


feeding of anemones

We then made our way to the pier where we took a cruise on Argosy cruises where we saw a rare sight – the fireboats clearing their water lines and I captured the moment when it was in full blast mode against the outline of the city!

Hubby & I on the boat


The next part of the cruise took us to the lock used to enter and exit from the saltwater to the freshwater. It was a neat experience!

entering the lock

exiting the lock

Then we passed by Gas Works park – the site of the former Seattle Gas Works transformed to a public park with some of the original equipment.

Gas Works park

We ended day 1 with a stop at the Pike Brewing Company where we sampled some of their home-brewed beer and picked up some memorabilia for Hubby’s beer collection.

Pike brewery

Pike brewery sample selection

Next I’ll take you along with us on day 2 – our trip to Mt. Rainier with a stop at Northwest Trek!!

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