Art- Crayolas, torch, hot glue & Texas sun

A few weeks ago my husband & daughter worked on a very creative art project. And it turned out to be even more interesting by the time I get to the state of the piece of art now!

Daddy & daughter purchases a blank canvas and some Crayolas. Then with my low heat hot glue gun they attached the Crayolas across the top of the canvas vertically in the color pattern progression. Then they used a lighter to begin to melt the Crayolas so that the color would run down the canvas. When that didn’t quite get the melt they were looking for my husband got out the small propane torch. The end result was very cool looking defined lines of color melting down the canvas. (of course, had I been home for the torch my momma freak out would have been going!)

We took the canvas with us to Arlington, TX where we had the family outing planned at Six Flags. Unfortunately, the canvas didn’t make it from the truck to the hotel room. Instead it sat in the 118 degree truck while we were screaming & laughing on the rides. Did you know that Crayolas can explode? Yup. So the canvas was hastily moved to the bed of the truck. A sad little lady was a bit disappointed.

After our little girl returned to her other home with her mother, my husband rescued the canvas from the back of the truck. The Texas heat had melted the Crayolas down to empty paper shells! But the artwork was now a colorful blending that, I believe, no artist could replicate with a propane torch or lighter. So now we have a beautiful & whimsical piece of art created by daddy & daughter & the hands of nature (specifically Texas nature). A treasure!



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