Not so sleepless in Seattle – day 2

We left off on the first part of the Seattle adventure at Pike Place Brewery. The next morning we had decided to leave the sights and sounds of the city for the beauty of the nature outside of the city. We headed out toward Mt. Rainier and found Northwest Trek along the way. It is a wilderness park with a tram that drives you through open land where the animals roam. Gorgeous scenery and quite a wonderful story on the park so go take a peek at their website.

There we saw many animals such as the grey wolf, brown bear and elk.

On the tram we got to see some of the newborns around the park, too.

Next we got back out on the road toward Mt. Rainier. And there we were amazed at the beauty!! It was so full of the color of nature – greens, browns, white – just an amazing sight.

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