Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water!

Cee’s challenge is a bit broad this week and I have a lot of photos that involve water in some way. It is hard to choose three only. Nevertheless, here they are! The first is from Roaring River, MO. I found these roses, along with their spider friend, on Memorial Day weekend back in 2010. I like the water in this because of the bubbles that can be seen and the flow change on the rocks.

This photo is from a trip to the island of St. Martin where we snorkeled. We were able to get some great photos of some of the sea life there including this little fella, a squid that was very colorful!

And third is similar to Cee’s ice photo except I wanted to show you an iceberg up a little closer – this one was less than 5 yards from me when I took it.

And as a P.S. I had to share a family funny with you – yes, I am over my 3 photos! Before our cruise I set up windsurfing lessons with a professional, champion windsurfer via emails. My Hubby thought I had truly been bamboozled. When we arrived at the shop to take our lessons he found out that not only was our instructor, Brian Talma, a professional and champion, he was internationally known, recognized and that Hubby’s wife was totally on the spot at picking an instructor. So here is my one photo of me riding on the back of a windsurfing board with Brian Talma at the helm!

P.S.S. I wanted to give you a good link to Brian Talma but when I searched for him via Google I got so many good links that I couldn’t figure out which one to share! This one has some good background and links to Brian’s own website and then just Google him. Or here is his Facebook page!

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