Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

For this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge hosted by WordPress the word is Foreign. I have traveled only twice out of the United States. One was before the start of digital cameras. But my last trip I took quite a few photos. I fell absolutely in love with Venice, Italy. I knew it was clichéd and I never thought to be so mundane – but yes, I am in love with Venice.

So here are a few photos of Venice and those things that I felt were foreign or not of my every day world.

The first photo is one from my hotel in Venice. The bidet and the towel warmer were not what I would find in a bathroom in a hotel in the states – at least not at the ones I’ve stayed in. 🙂



The second photo is one of my favorites! I LOVED the masks in Venice. Stopping in the masks stores were one of my favorite things to do. They are such works of art! And I was equally amazed at the customization one could have – if you were wiling to pay the price! In this one I am trying on the mask that I bought for my sister – who loves butterflies.


The last one is of a waterway. You probably know that this is the primary route of the day-to-day transportation. Either the boats or the feet on the street.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

  1. Love the first picture of the bathroom..the 2nd toilet is my favorite. Used one for the first time in Korea and now in Venezuela.. Can’t imagine a house without one now.

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