Birch candleholders

Great idea for those of use with more of the natural objects to make cool stuff with! I have so many limbs from our mass chainsaw activities this past summer that I may have to go looking for such for the holidays!! If nothing else I bet they would make great Christmas gifts!


We had a birch tree on our property. Not a white birch, but a birch. It had to come down a year ago, unfortunately. Sparks sawed it into lengths and I asked to keep one of them, not knowing quite what I would do with it. Months passed and I did nothing; eventually he disposed of it. Ah well.


Now I know what one does with birch trunks–one makes birch candle holders, duh. Birch-less and bereft, I called my dad, who fights back five acres of wilderness Up North and must surely end up with a spare birch here and there.


And lo, he found one that was in the way (fixing to fall across their drive), and he made and sent me eight birch candleholders. Don’t I have a good dad?


They’re just right. I love how they have a little bit of lichen still clinging to them. Did…

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