Today – a simple picture?

Today has been very, very busy! I’m working from home in my new job and it is keeping me busy – conference calls, Skype conversations, documents to create, and spontaneous meetings. Plus, I’m silly enough to be trying to keep house at the same time – laundry going and a roast cooking for supper. I’ve decided that clean pajamas are totally acceptable but dirty ones are frowned upon. I can’t even remember if I brushed my hair this morning! (Sigh!! and slink into my chair!)

I wanted to find some photos that spoke to where my little beating heart wanted to be rather than here.

Well, not so much luck in that – none of the ones I selected seemed to really speak to how I felt. Instead, I am sharing a photo of how I feel today. I call it “Thru The Vines”.  The good part is that the paid-for-work-day is almost to a close and I can go play with Hubby and the rest of the little ones running around.

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