Where’s My Backpack Travel Challenge: Liquid

Being as I love the water – beach, lake, stream, waterfall – this week’s challenge from Where’s My Backpack, which was liquid, was fun to choose. I also wanted some photos that I hadn’t shared with you yet. So looking a bit into my stash I found these three.

This first one is from our honeymoon in Alaska. I love the tones in the photo. And, of course, the scenery was magnificent!

Alaska in tones of blue


This second one is from our early anniversary cruise to the Caribbean. It is in St. Kitts and is where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic!

st kits Carib meets Atlantic


And the last of the three is from a trip to Hot Springs, AR. It is a town that has captured my husband and I for some reason unknown to us. I think it has something to do with the history and the feel of the area around the springs – specifically Bathhouse Row. It seems as if you are just on the edge of being back in the 1920’s with all the people who came from around the world to the bathhouses back in their heyday.

a hot spring in hot springs


Just for fun and a bit of a play on the word liquid, here is a photo of a beer sampler we had while in Seattle at the Pike Brewery!

pike brewery sampler

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