WinterTide exhibit in Hot Springs!

If you have followed along on my blog you might be anxiously awaiting the scoop on my recent fun appearance in the WinterTide exhibit at the Fine Arts Center at Hot Springs. We had a lovely weekend in Hot Springs – and you can read how excited I was to get to Hot Springs here!

Hubby and I both love the area. We had a conversation this weekend as to why we liked it so much. Neither of us could pinpoint exactly what the draw was to us. But after talking we did decide that it was the simple things, such as the history, the laid back feel to the town, and the infusion of nature.  Each time we visit we see some of the same things that we love and we usually wander across other activities that we didn’t know were going on but truly enjoyed.

So here are some of the photos specifically from the WinterTide exhibit. I’ll be sharing more of the weekend trip a bit later!

Snowy Seat on display more of the exhibit Hubby under the sigh the exhibit Tisha beside Snowy Seat Tisha beside Glenna's Dogwood

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