52 Tuesdays Challenges!

One of my favorite things about blogging is seeing all the other wonderful photographers and bloggers photos and posts. The challenges I also enjoy because of the obvious fact that they challenge me and have expanded my portfolio and those things that I look for as I walk along in life. So in light of this enjoyment I want to start my own challenge to my fellow bloggers. You can share photos or words – I am not particular – share both!!

Each Tuesday for the next 52 weeks I will share a word that begins with the letter T and my view of it with photos. Feel free to share your own photos and/or words and be sure to link back to my original post in your own. I have already started on my list and am having a lot of fun looking for those not-so-common T words. After all, I want it to be a challenge and to stretch your imagination and enjoyment!

So look for the first post this coming Tuesday and let’s have some fun!

P.S. How did I select Tuesdays and words that start with T? Well, my name (Tisha) of course!!

My reason for the "T" challenges!

My reason for the “T” challenges!

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