52 Tuesdays Challenge #4: Tempting

Seems simple,the word tempting.

Having an appeal.

But alas, it is such a feeling that has been shunned, preached on, and each of us made guilty in feeling. Yet, we all succumb to the temptations at times. Most of our temptations are simple things. Things that we indulge in once in a while but keep a check on. Yet what would life be without them?

Nevertheless, I love the temptations I am guilty of! Of course, as I get older they become stronger. My biggest temptation is good food and drink! Cupcakes top the general list!



tempting cupcakes

My husband is quite the outdoorsman. He loves nature. So it isn’t unusual for him to get hands on when we are out and about. Here he is in Ketchikan, Alaska where the streams were so full of salmon that you could step out and pick one up!

Hubby with salmon in Alaska


And then our shared tempting item: Beer! Hubby collects beer bottles so we tend to stop in on the breweries wherever we are. Here is our sampler from Pike Brewery in Seattle! (or the remainder of it!)

pike brewery sampler

What is tempting to you? Share with us! I can’t wait to hear your stories and see the photos. C’mon – I know you have ’em!

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