52 Tuesdays Challenge #6: That!

That – as in “Look at THAT!” “Did you see THAT?” “Gotta try THAT!!” or better yet “I’ve got to have a photo of THAT!!!”

You guessed it – this week’s word is THAT!

The first photo I thought of when I chose the word today was this one from our honeymoon. We were taking a tour in Vancouver, BC and happened upon these super cute raccoons! They were cute enough to talk us out of some ice cream cone! And the mother was blind in one eye – she is the middle one and you can see her right eye is clouded. So cute!

raccoons in Vancouver


The next is a squirrel that was hanging out at our cabin at Beavers Bend park over a Christmas/New Year holiday. They love crackers and this one wasn’t too shy. But times like this one are where I run for my camera because I love being up close with nature!

squirrel in Beavers Bend


I’ll try to keep it short and sweet today, so here is the last little collage. This is from Bikes, Blues & BBQ 2012 in Fayetteville, AR. Along Dickson street there is always a motorcycle (bike) to look at during B,B & BBQ. This particular bike had a trailer of a coffin and several creepy riders. And then the man standing next to it had his own pet scorpion! Another example of “Can you believe THAT?”

BBBBQ creepy photos

Hope you enjoyed the photos today and c’mon – Share with me your THAT!!

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