52 Tuesdays #12: Transfixed

Transfixed – Held motionless by. 

There are those moments where you stop in your tracks, stand completely still, almost forgetting to breathe, and stare at that object – be it an animal, person, or other creature. Because of my love of nature I find myself doing that quite a bit. So here are a few photos of those moments when I stood transfixed.

This photo was taken while snorkeling in St. Kitts. The fish in the center was obviously one to fade into the scenery so every time we saw him we tried to be super still to see more of him.

st kitts fish


This photo was taken on St Martin and we seemed to attract quite of few of this little guy. What was most amusing is that we weren’t the ones transfixed but they were. They would float around us as we swam looking for neat fish and coral.

st martin fella


And one of my favorite little critters to photograph is this one. We love to feed them the crackers then I’ll wait very still and focused on the squirrel so that I can photograph it.

snacking squirrel

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