Cee’s Share Your World: Week 38

As always, I just love Cee’s challenges! These are my answers this week!

What were you most likely doing on this day when you were 12 years old?  Humpphh… this one makes me feel old b/c I can’t remember….but I likely was out riding my bike, playing with our dog or cats, or pestering my sister. And I’m not even going to share a photo of me at 12!!

If you could…photograph any scenery that you have seen before, what scene would you use?  I’m a Libra, too, so I can’t choose just one place. So I am torn between Venice and anywhere in the Caribbean. One of my favorite photos from Venice:

Torre dell'Orologio (© Tisha Clinkenbeard)

Torre dell’Orologio (© Tisha Clinkenbeard)

What is your favorite type of dog? One that loves and plays! Here are some photos of our two dogs: mommas helpermy Lily

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