TWO: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

I like the word that Cee chose for the Fun Foto Challenge: TWO. I want to share with you two photos from a trip that our daughter and I (two of us) took in October. And we had two much fun!!   (yes, I know it should be too but I’m having fun with this!)

This first one is from the Tower of the Americas in San Antonio. There were TWO big foot prints from Tex (the big dude at the State Fair) that had trivia on them and our daughter stood on them.

TWO big feet

TWO big feet

TWO glass celebration

TWO glass celebration

This second picture is of our celebration of The University of Texas at Austin (UT) kicking OU’s hinnie. (Yes, I am an alumni)  I had a Shocktop beer and she had water and we had a great time all around!

A fabulous weekend with two fun loving females!!

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