Forlorn But Not Forgotten

Last November I splurged and took a 4 day trip from home, thru some parts of eastern Arkansas and back to home. It was a great trip that I wish I could do similar trips more often. I was between paying jobs and my husband was off working as he does often.

Since the areas I went thru were largely rural, I found so many old barns, houses, and unidentifiable buildings along my way. They just thoroughly intrigue me – the history that has played out in those structures now unattended and unused. At one time they held the heartbeat of rural America.

Now I didn’t know precisely where I was when I took these photos but I do know that I was in Arkansas …

deserted barn in AR roofless barn in AR old structure in AR


Also part of the Sunday Stills Challenge: F. Go check it out to see other wonderful photos starting with the letter F

And part of the Travel With Me! series:

Travel With Me Rural Areas

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