Black & White: Phoneography Challenge

Another great black & white Phoneography Challenge!

From our ice storm that was truly a disaster but still had some winter wonderland effect!

tree in driveway ice storm 12 2013



And from one of my favorite hotels – The Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs. I just love the feel in the lobby and the hotel. It is as if I am back in the 1920s and enjoying the life of the rich folks in that day. Sighhhhh


light in Arlington lobby

Travel: iPhoneography Challenge

The challenge week is the challenger’s choice of a few items and of those I have chosen travel. As I noted in my previous challenge, I haven’t had my iPhone long so I am limited on what photos I have for sharing.

I really liked the light in this one as I was driving along I80 outside Salt Lake City. There is a windmill farm along the side of the interstate.

windmill farm in WY


Outside of Rock Springs just around Green River, WY is this nifty outcropping of rock. It happened to have a bit of snow on the ground that day, too.

rock outcropping in WY

Black & White: iPhoneography Challenge

Found this new challenge using the iPhone. And since I just got mine a month or so ago and am having a blast using the camera I thought I would try the weekly challenges. Here is my first shot (no pun intended) at the Black & White challenge. b and w wine caddy shoe


Keep in mind that I don’t have many photos on my iPhone yet so look for more to come!