Gifts: Two Cents Tuesday Challenge

Gifts – sometimes the first thing we think of when someone mentions the word is that box that is wrapped prettily and bowtied up.  But I have to admit that I am more apt to think of all the gifts in my life that are not wrapped and bowtied. For the purpose of this challenge I want to go with the furry gifts that I am or have been blessed with! Our dogs and cats. So here is my post for the Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Gifts!

I have to admit to feeling a little like Mother Nature at times. It seems I have a bit of a natural connection to animals. Having never really thought about it I didn’t focus on it but with all the creatures now around me – living in the country – I’ve found I love them all and truly enjoy interacting with them. So here are a few of our furry gifts!

Cedar is our oldest puppy. He is a little over 3 years old. He has such a young soul and always a ready smile. We call him our smilin’ dawg because he literally smiles at you and wiggles his hinny – he only has a 1 inch tail – when he sees you!

Hubby's Cedar

Tori was our oldest kitty. She was 8 years old when she moved on to animal Heaven this past August. She survived half of her life with kidney failure – such a strong little one. She was definitely a diva but she was well loved and truly enjoyed naps in the sun and with Momma (me).

tori summer 2012

Lily was the next little lady to join our family. She also has such a wonderful, loving soul. She is very laid back – which is an opposite to Cedar’s lively, always moving self. Lily absolutely LOVES people. Her big brown eyes draw you in every time! She had puppies on my birthday, too!

my Lily

We have two cats that hang around our house – Tabi & Bella. Tabi is Bella’s mother. They each have their own unique personalities. Bella is a bit more vocal and fluffy. Tabi is a calm, laid back soul, too. Tabi is due to have another litter of kittens any day now.


And then we have all the pups from Lily & Cedar. There were 7 of them and we have 3 still at home. Blue, Louis and Bear. Definitely different and strong personalities. Blue, the light coated one on the right, is a very smart pup much like his daddy. He would be the mini-me of Cedar. Louis is in the middle and he is Mr. Super Laidback. He loves belly rubs just like his daddy, too. Bear, on the left – we call him the Dos Equis dog. He embodies the personality of the Dos Equis male character in their commercials. His best move is to lay by the water bowl so it is easy to get to.


And last, but certainly not least, is Tripper. He was my little gift upon arriving home about 3 weeks after the puppies were born. I pulled into the drive and this bundle of black & white ran toward me. He is about a week and a half older than the puppies and someone dropped him at our house. He has the biggest heart and truly enjoys life. He always is ready to play. If he were a human he would be such a special soul that one could not help but to like him. He has some issues – his pelvic bone or left leg was likely fractured within the first 2 weeks of his birth so he hops a bit like a bear quite often. This is his baby picture – the first week that I had him. tripper first weekend

I hope you enjoyed the photos!

Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Funny

I spent a week and a half just outside Missoula, Montana. I’ve already shared a few of the photos with you. This particular photo seemed just right for the Two Cents Tuesday Challenge:Funny.

As I sat at the bar of the Bayern Brewery the bar cat, who had not left his cardboard box all day, walked straight down the bar to plop himself in my lap. As you can tell by my eyes in this photo that my husband took, I found it to be quite funny and very odd.

Bayern brewery cat