Turquoise: Where’s My Backpack

A color that has really grown on me the last couple of years is the color turquoise. You’ll find a bit more of it in my house. And now I see it more in my photos. One reason I may like it is that when the water is turquoise it is beautiful and that is usually what you see at the beach.

But for today – Where’s My Backpack Challenge Turquoise I am sharing a few photos from our honeymoon to Alaska back in 2010.


Building in Vancouver, Canada


Iceberg in Juneau, Alaska


Totem poles in park on Vancouver Island

Benches: Where’s My Backpack Travel Challenge

Where’s My Backpack posted the challenge of benches for all of us to have some fun with. I’ve encountered a lot of benches on my travels and honestly I don’t take the time to sit on them. I’m usually running around looking at all the details around me. But here are a few of my favorites.

Sit With Me

Sit With Me – Portland, OR


benches on the side

Wakheena Falls benches

checker benches

Hot Springs, AR checker board benches

International Women’s Day: Where’s My Backpack Challenge

Where’s My Backpack has a great challenge: International Women’s Day. There are a lot of inspiring women in my world. And I am proud to be a successful woman. Mind you that success can be defined in many ways and always very personally. So here are a few photos that are my tribute to women.

For the sweetness and the softness of women. We are strong enough to cry, too.

love rose with raindrops


We worked for years with tools not of this modern age. water shaker for ironing


And not to forget my own mother – we do an art show together each November. She draws and paints and I take photos!My mother & I at an art show