Behind: Word A Week Challenge

For this challenge of Behind from A Word A Weekbirds in winter birdie in tree, I wanted to have fun with it. Birds are one of my favorite little critters to take photos of. But, alas, they are much like my children and you have to sneak up to them and that means getting more pictures of them from behind than in front. Here are two that I really like that are from behind:



For the challenge Zoom by Word In Your Ear I wanted to use two definitions of the word to share photos with you. So I am taking the zoom as in closer to the subject and zoom as in driven by a motor.

The first is the PTO on an old Chevrolet 4400 work truck made by Muncie. (Original post on the truck here.) Chevrolet 4400 PTO by Muncie


The second is from a motorcycle we saw at the 2012 Bikes, Blues & BBQ in Fayetteville, AR. The motorcycle had chrome everywhere and the intricate designs were very nice looking.

bike chrome pattern



And this third photo is from a tractor show in Gentry, AR that is held each year in September – a very cool and interesting show! Click here to check out the original post from the show in 2011.


Garden: A Word A Week Challenge

So exciting to see the challenge this week from A Word In Your Ear –Garden! Just yesterday Hubby asked me if I wanted a small spring/summer garden this year as now I am working from home. I thought it a marvelous idea! There are certain garden items that I really like having. Strawberries are number 1! Peppers, okra, tomatoes, lettuce, and raspberries are top of the list, too. When we last planted a garden we found some pepper, New Mexico chile, that I really liked for their texture and taste. I didn’t get to do as much with the okra from our last garden as I wasn’t into cooking as I am now. So I am looking forward to this coming garden. In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite photos from our last garden!

Island: A Word A Week Challenge

Oh, how I love the islands! Nothing beats a sandy beach, the sound of the waves, some great snorkeling and a tasty pina colada or rum punch in my hand – and gotta add sharing it all with Hubby! Here are a few photos to share with you as part of the Word A Week Challenge hosted by A Word In Your Ear! 

These are from St Lucia, St Martin, and St Kitts. Enjoy!