Bees in the Homestead

We purchased some land with an old homestead on the property recently. The first step had to be some bee removal from the old homestead (original house) so we called a few folks. At first, we thought it was a couple of little hives – no biggie.  Well, a week of work later, 9 hives removed and they all had 2 queens – one practicing for the spring and one the mentor, if you will allow me the liberty. Now we are primarily a hive free homestead. We’ll see what spring brings but in the meantime here are a few photos of the bees, the house and the experience.



And a big thank you to Steve Butler at Company Bee for his hard work and that big honeycomb full of sweet honey from our own (though slightly unwanted) bees!

P.S. Hubby is allergic to bees – he swells up and it just gets ugly so though we love bees we can’t have them around to make honey for us – after all, Hubby is sweet enough!