Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

Here you go! And I’m featuring a guest photographer –  our daughter, Lu! She took this one almost 2 years ago while helping me to get a photo for my very first blog.


Then this one from a trip to Austin a couple of weekends back that I took at Hamilton Pool. The sunshine made such pretty colors!

It’s a dog’s life – part 2

In my previous post of It’s a dog’s life I also mentioned in the comments that Cedar was the ring bearer at our wedding. One of my readers expressed an interest in seeing that. My long-time friend, blogger extraordinaire, and journalist, Pamela Price, talked about the wedding in the Daily Yonder as With a Blue Heeler as Ring Bearer. I have to give credit to Pamela and another friend of many years, Lisa Stahl, for all the pictures of Cedar at the wedding – I was a little busy being the bride and didn’t take any at all. Here are a few that I don’t believe appear in Pamela’s article, too.

(© 2010 Lisa Stahl)

(© 2010 Lisa Stahl)

(© 2010 Lisa Stahl)

(© 2010 Lisa Stahl)

(© 2010 Lisa Stahl)

Wilderness Park in Arkansas – pictures from yesterday

My husband and I recently went to a local wilderness park outside of Gentry, AR. We had been before and really like the place so we went back. A fun outing for us! Here are some photos of the animals. There will be more on this series, I’m sure, as I have a ton of pictures. Also, one of the photos I’m sharing was taken by my husband – he had the better view.





guest photographer - my husband


Play waiting – guest photog Lisa Stahl

One of my favorite photographers (and best friends) is Lisa Stahl. Since her pictures are of a different flavor than some of my more sedate and country views I wanted to be sure and share them with you. Look forward to other posts with her work in the future, too!

This series of pictures makes me think of a playground in the early, chill morning just waiting for the children bundled in their mittens, scarves, and toboggans to play – shrieking with laughter, eyes lit with the joy of the moment, and filled with the innocence of youth.