Lilies and Rain – pictures from yesterday

It’s raining here in Portland where I work and it seems that the lilies are, hopefully, late to bloom – versus not blooming at all this year. So I have dug into the photos from the past years to share some lilies with raindrops. I think they are especially pretty with raindrops as it brings out the colors. Then my favorite part is the pixy dust (or pollen) on them. Enjoy!

(P.S. You can purchase my photo book on lilies here. In addition, there are some photos of lilies in my book Flowers For Your Coffee Table and Tisha Clinkenbeard Photography Portfolio.)




Friday Fun: A Happy Mashup of Delightful People & Random Things

Pamela shares some interesting tidbits from her recent adventures – both online and in person. I’m a tidbit prejudiced because she shared some of my “stuff” – blush, blush… So take a minute and check out her blog. You will definitely find something of interest there!!

Red, White & Grew

Back when I launched this site in 2008, I used to do a weekly round-up of victory garden-themed stories that appeared in the news. Now that I’ve broadened topics at, I want to bring back the mashup biweekly at least, on Fridays.

• Gal’s Lunch: A couple of weeks back, I finally got to meet (in person!) my heroine, LaManda Joy, she of The Yarden and the Peterson Garden Project. We had lunch at The Cove in San Antonio with Holly from Dinner Garden and Jenny from J. Peterson Garden Design. (Holly tells me that DG is entering a new, collaborative partnership with Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign. More deets soon.)

While we were at The Cove, we found an organic veggie garden designed by Yard to Table, a local biz here in SA that installs organic gardens at homes and businesses. Isn’t that awesome? I came…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

Since I like the topic of this week’s challenge I am participating again. The topic is “simple”. It just happens I have a portfolio photo named Question Of Simplicity so it seems apt to share it for the challenge this week. I hope you enjoy!


Since it is a photo in my portfolio you can also order it from RedBubble, FineArt America, and my Facebook page shopping tab. Of course, you can also contact me if you would like to order it. It does appear in my portfolio book on Blurb.

Birds & Blooms monthly photography newsletter appearance

I made the monthly photography newsletter for Birds & Blooms! How exciting! It’s the second appearance in the newsletter for me! I am just giddy! And I want to thank all those that took the time to look at the photo and rate it!

This is the link. 

And this is the photo that made it:

Centered In Pixy Dust




It’s a dog’s life – part 2

In my previous post of It’s a dog’s life I also mentioned in the comments that Cedar was the ring bearer at our wedding. One of my readers expressed an interest in seeing that. My long-time friend, blogger extraordinaire, and journalist, Pamela Price, talked about the wedding in the Daily Yonder as With a Blue Heeler as Ring Bearer. I have to give credit to Pamela and another friend of many years, Lisa Stahl, for all the pictures of Cedar at the wedding – I was a little busy being the bride and didn’t take any at all. Here are a few that I don’t believe appear in Pamela’s article, too.

(© 2010 Lisa Stahl)

(© 2010 Lisa Stahl)

(© 2010 Lisa Stahl)

(© 2010 Lisa Stahl)

(© 2010 Lisa Stahl)