Day 347: Those Perfect Starts

Love the photos! And I agree on the mist and fog as being perfect. Makes a simple photo mysterious- wonder what lives the topic of the photo has lived.

Kathryn Dawson Photography


My shots today were completely lucky – based on the fact that my car wasn’t working properly, so at 7:45 am I was trundling off to the garage in search of a cure! And I was lucky enough to catch the sunrise coupled with mist and fog – how perfect!


This place is right on my doorstep, literally where I live is nestled in the valley below the trees in the distance. Yet I’ve never bothered photographing it before, sad isn’t it? But today was perfect, so I’m pleased I took the chance.


The frost has lingered all day, which means the temperatures have plummeted considerably. Time for the pub quiz and a hot chocolate to see me through the night I think!




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