Babies at the Stock Show

We made our way to the San Antonio Stock Show one weekend. It was a great experience and fun – especially since my husband competed in stock shows as a young kid and young man so he knows all the good info and has lots of stories to tell. I like it for the food and some shopping, too. But it does remind me of my early years as my parents raised cattle with my grandparents, too.

Anywho, I really like walking along the cattle and seeing how nice they look – these aren’t your hanging out in the pasture type of cattle. Try a bit of the Westminster Kennel Club and apply it to cattle. They are groomed and fed and well taken care of!

But one part I really like is the babies that are there. If a cow has calved and not weaned yet they bring the babies (calves) with the mothers. We even came upon one calf that looked like it had probably been born while at the show. So here are some cuties for ya.