The Road Taken

In my travels there have been many, many roads taken – probably more taken than passed over…well, maybe… Nevertheless, one that came to mind is the highway 1 on the coast of California. I took it from Jenner up to Fort Ross one foggy Saturday and just fell in love with it. I wrote a post of the experience and shared one aspect of the trip with y’all. But for the Weekly Photo Challenge The Road Taken I wanted to share a couple of new pics for a different perspective of the road taken that day – highway 1. Enjoy!

DSCN9937 - Version 2.JPG

DSCN9944.JPGDSCN9991 - Version 2.JPGDSCN9901 - Version 2DSCN0013.JPG

52 Tuesdays Challenge #17:Tail

Still loving the 52 Tuesdays Challenge where I toss a word beginning with a T out there and you share your photos, stories or such related to the word?

This week the word is Tail. At first I thought I might have chosen a difficult word but once I looked into my photos I had so many cute tails!! Which to choose from? So hope you enjoy!

52 Tuesdays Challenge #16: Table

This week’s challenge is the subject table. With the 52 Tuesdays Challenge I am choosing a word beginning with T and then sharing my own photos as well as asking that others join me in the challenge and share their own photos, stories and such related to the word. I hope you enjoy and participate!

Table: From a trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas – in our walks around bathhouse row we found several tables that you could take a seat and play some checkers or chess in the beautiful weather!