52 Tuesdays Challenge #19: Tiny

Happy Tuesday!! It’s time for the 52 Tuesdays challenge! Join me in sharing photos, stories, quotes, or whatever else you have in that creative brain of yours for the T word theme of TINY! Then don’t forget to link back to this post and we’ll share your Tiny with the world!

This week I admit to prepping for the post. It just so happens that we went out to our land last Thursday and the spring flowers were everywhere! While that isn’t so great for planning to add cattle it was perfect for my camera and for today’s challenge.

There are quite a few this week and also look for more photos of the spring flowers soon. And if you want to see a couple from the archives check this post out.

Hope you enjoy!!





And lots of these!


And some slow motion in the wind….


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52 Tuesdays Challenge #17:Tail

Still loving the 52 Tuesdays Challenge where I toss a word beginning with a T out there and you share your photos, stories or such related to the word?

This week the word is Tail. At first I thought I might have chosen a difficult word but once I looked into my photos I had so many cute tails!! Which to choose from? So hope you enjoy!

52 Tuesdays Challenge #16: Table

This week’s challenge is the subject table. With the 52 Tuesdays Challenge I am choosing a word beginning with T and then sharing my own photos as well as asking that others join me in the challenge and share their own photos, stories and such related to the word. I hope you enjoy and participate!

Table: From a trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas – in our walks around bathhouse row we found several tables that you could take a seat and play some checkers or chess in the beautiful weather!




52 Tuesdays Challenge #15: Tea

Tea – it has two meanings for me – that sweet tea that the South is known for and the delicate little cups that hot tea is served in.

Here are a few photos of one of my favorite tea sets (well, two of my favorite tea set items -sugar & cream) that I’ve seen. In a bed and breakfast in Fort Smith, AR this was on my breakfast tray. Enjoy!



dscn0711Have any photos of your favorite tea set, cup of tea or brand of tea? An old teapot?

52 Tuesdays Challenge – Join Me!

Back in January of 2013 I started a challenge – hoping my other photog bloggers might join me – to post each Tuesday of the year based on a word that I share for the week starting with T (maybe that has something to do with my first initial…hmmm). It is the 52 Tuesdays Challenge. You can take a look back at the previous posts here.

So though it is already into the new year, I am restarting the challenge where I left off – #14 was the last post.

I hope you join me each week or any week you feel you have a photo or photos to share. Feel free to include a story, quote or whatever may cross your mind with the word.