“Allis Chalmers” on display at the Austin, TX Airport!

My photo “Allis Chalmers” will be on exhibit in the “Stars of Austin” Gallery adjacent to Check Point 2 at the Austin, TX airport from May 28th thru September 1. If you are in the airport and have some time please stop by and see it – then send me a pic or a selfie with it! Enjoy!

Allis Chalmers

Allis Chalmers

More on Light & Composition – 3 new Photo of the Day winners!!

So happy to have 3 more of my photos accepted as photos of the day!

Here is my photo Green & Raindrops – taken in the Wakheena Falls area in Oregon:

green and raindrops


And then my photo Thru the Door of a ’54 – which is one of my favorite of this abandoned old truck!

from the door of a 1954


Then a cutie – Is It Safe To Come Out?

ready to meet the world

Forlorn But Not Forgotten

Last November I splurged and took a 4 day trip from home, thru some parts of eastern Arkansas and back to home. It was a great trip that I wish I could do similar trips more often. I was between paying jobs and my husband was off working as he does often.

Since the areas I went thru were largely rural, I found so many old barns, houses, and unidentifiable buildings along my way. They just thoroughly intrigue me – the history that has played out in those structures now unattended and unused. At one time they held the heartbeat of rural America.

Now I didn’t know precisely where I was when I took these photos but I do know that I was in Arkansas …

deserted barn in AR roofless barn in AR old structure in AR


Also part of the Sunday Stills Challenge: F. Go check it out to see other wonderful photos starting with the letter F

And part of the Travel With Me! series:

Travel With Me Rural Areas

War Eagle Mill – history in the making

While visiting the War Eagle Mill in Rogers, AR we were able to see the mill in operation. The mill sits on War Eagle Creek and the current mill building was built in 1973 – the fourth structure to be built as the first 3 were either washed away or burned over the mill’s history beginning in the early 1800s, ¬†including its role in the Civil War. ¬†They now provide great mill products and a slice of history to go with them. You can even order online! And let me tell you – their hot rolls were delicious when we visited and I might just have to order some myself! And they have gluten-free and organic products – since they focus on all natural products.

So I am sharing some photos, including some of the mill in action. I like these because you can tell the wheels are spinning in the photos. (And it is part of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Man Made)

Travel With Me Rural Areas