52 Tuesdays Challenge #6: That!

That – as in “Look at THAT!” “Did you see THAT?” “Gotta try THAT!!” or better yet “I’ve got to have a photo of THAT!!!”

You guessed it – this week’s word is THAT!

The first photo I thought of when I chose the word today was this one from our honeymoon. We were taking a tour in Vancouver, BC and happened upon these super cute raccoons! They were cute enough to talk us out of some ice cream cone! And the mother was blind in one eye – she is the middle one and you can see her right eye is clouded. So cute!

raccoons in Vancouver


The next is a squirrel that was hanging out at our cabin at Beavers Bend park over a Christmas/New Year holiday. They love crackers and this one wasn’t too shy. But times like this one are where I run for my camera because I love being up close with nature!

squirrel in Beavers Bend


I’ll try to keep it short and sweet today, so here is the last little collage. This is from Bikes, Blues & BBQ 2012 in Fayetteville, AR. Along Dickson street there is always a motorcycle (bike) to look at during B,B & BBQ. This particular bike had a trailer of a coffin and several creepy riders. And then the man standing next to it had his own pet scorpion! Another example of “Can you believe THAT?”

BBBBQ creepy photos

Hope you enjoyed the photos today and c’mon – Share with me your THAT!!

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Wood

While camping a few weekends ago the river at the park was down well over 6 feet, exposing these cypress knees, as Hubby called them. At first I thought that they were the victims of the ever-so-busy beavers in the area but turns out I had never seen them because water usually covered them. Hope you enjoy!

cypress knee 1 DSCN8197 cypress knee 3Part of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Wood!


A Day at the River

We spent a weekend in Beavers Bend park in Oklahoma and though it is winter there were still plenty of interesting subjects for my camera. The river that runs through the park is very low – Hubby estimated at least 6 ft. So while he fished I walked along the exposed river bed edges and found these treasures. Enjoy!

Where’s My Backpack Weekly Travel Challenge: Animals – Day 2

This is day 2 in the week-long Where’s My Backpack Weekly Travel Challenge: Animals! Today I get to share with you one of my favorite spots that we visit that is close to our home – just an hour and a half drive. It is Beavers Bend State Park just outside of Broken Bow, OK. We usually either rent a cabin or take our camper to the park. We’ve even been known to just go for the day or for breakfast on our motorcycle. It’s a great place to enjoy nature in a laid back manner.

This little guy is a visitor to our cabin when we stay there (or his look-alike comes back). He/they love the crackers we share on the balcony.

This one is from my first camping trip with my hubby – then just my boyfriend for a few weeks. I joke that this is where I thought I’d lost him to the doe….. 🙂 Of course, all the doe was interested in was the crackers that he so cleverly held in his lips and she was brave enough to come and get them.  (Hint for those who visit the park– bring boxes of saltine crackers! )

Day 1 – Arkansas Wild Wilderness Safari