The Road Taken

In my travels there have been many, many roads taken – probably more taken than passed over…well, maybe… Nevertheless, one that came to mind is the highway 1 on the coast of California. I took it from Jenner up to Fort Ross one foggy Saturday and just fell in love with it. I wrote a post of the experience and shared one aspect of the trip with y’all. But for the Weekly Photo Challenge The Road Taken I wanted to share a couple of new pics for a different perspective of the road taken that day – highway 1. Enjoy!

DSCN9937 - Version 2.JPG

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An Hour On The Coast Off Highway 1

I recently found a spot in the world that time seemed to slow and life became much more simple. It all started at the Cafe Aquatica in Jenner, California. There I found a few gems of the California coast along Highway 1. Now, I’m an Urbanspoon junkie and it usually leads me to some, what I would call, “hole-in-the-wall” eateries. And rarely am I disappointed – certainly not in this case!

I walked into the small store not sure what to expect. What I found was a little slice of laid-back America, intent on organic ingredients, and just plain yummy food and a great latte! Now, I love my lattes… and I love pastries…and I love being outdoors. The Cafe Aquatica gave me all those and more!

After ordering my latte, selecting my avocado/bacon “muffin”, I took them outside to sit and watch the Russian River gently roll by to the Pacific. What I found was a truly beautiful, foggy morning with lots of color and a little lady named Sierra.

First off, the “muffin” was incredible! With avocado and bacon and the muffin part tasted highly of yummy egg and the smooth, creaminess of the latte were mouthwatering. And I met a new friend, Sierra, who loved to play fetch with her ball – running right out into the river to bring it back completely wet!

And if you were interested in the rest of Jenner, California, I would recommend that you spend a weekend or a night at the Jenner By The Sea (Jenner Inn) . Unfortunately, by the time I discovered it, they were already booked for the weekend – but a cute little getaway for a relaxing weekend – especially if you want to ride the curves on your motorcycle or just wander up the coast to Fort Ross.


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