White: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge of Pick One Color

I truly adore all colors. I have my favorite, red. But the colors of the rainbow inspire me. All the shades, mutations, and the brightness cheer me.

But for this challenge I wanted to share my love of the color white. White is such a pure, clean color. When seen against a sharp contrast of black or another primary color it can be breathtaking. Here are a few!

black & white moonquestion of simplicity sophistication green leaf gardenia

Red, White or Red & White: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

I’m loving Cee’s challenge this week of Red, White, or Red & White. My favorite color is red so this is just my thing!

I’m sharing flowers with you today. Two of my favorites – gardenias and roses.

The first is a gardenia from the bush outside my office window after a rain shower.

white gardenia with raindrops


The second photo is of a rose called “Silver Lining”. It has a beautiful white silver underside to the petals.

Silver Lining rose

Where’s My Backpack Challenge: Flowers

Another post for the Where’s My Backpack Travel Theme Challenges. This one is almost so easy that it is difficult! The challenge is flowers. I love flowers and have a ton of photos of them. So I wanted to try for a specific type of flower and show it in different stages and settings. I picked gardenias – they have become one of my favorites due to a large bush of them just outside my home office window. They smell wonderful and their colors are so simple and pure.