52 Tuesdays Challenge #16: Table

This week’s challenge is the subject table. With the 52 Tuesdays Challenge I am choosing a word beginning with T and then sharing my own photos as well as asking that others join me in the challenge and share their own photos, stories and such related to the word. I hope you enjoy and participate!

Table: From a trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas – in our walks around bathhouse row we found several tables that you could take a seat and play some checkers or chess in the beautiful weather!




Black & White: Phoneography Challenge

Another great black & white Phoneography Challenge!

From our ice storm that was truly a disaster but still had some winter wonderland effect!

tree in driveway ice storm 12 2013



And from one of my favorite hotels – The Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs. I just love the feel in the lobby and the hotel. It is as if I am back in the 1920s and enjoying the life of the rich folks in that day. Sighhhhh


light in Arlington lobby

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Water. I like this challenge because it is related directly to the 5 Chinese elements. So Cee shared what those are/can be:

Sea, Ice, Storms, Rain, Steam, Fluid, Sound, Mist, Acid, Salt, Time, Pressure, Moon, Mirror, Snow, Frost, Sugar

I also wanted to go out of the norm and find those 3 photos that were not so obvious in the interpretation of water. I’ve chosen mist, ice, and moon.


my favorite hot spring

my favorite hot spring






Outdoors and Nature of 2012: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Cee challenged us to show the best of our outdoor and nature photos for 2012 in her weekly Fun Foto Challenge. Now that is a hard one for me. I truly enjoy nature and the outdoors and have a lot of photos so choosing 3 is definitely a challenge. I had to think about what I wanted to share – my best photos or photos of those with my fondest memories or the most popular ones from this blog in 2012….

So ….. (drum roll) I am going with the fondest memories. Hopefully, you will enjoy them!

Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier in Washington state

Hot Springs, AR

Hot Springs, AR

Wakheena Falls area, OR

Wakheena Falls area, OR

Hot Springs holiday trip

I’ve shared some of the photos with you of our last trip to Hot Springs for the WinterTide exhibit at the Fine Arts Center. But I wanted to share a day in the life type of post with you. My husband is such a huge part of my photography – he and I travel together when we have the opportunity. Sometimes it is going to where he is working or where I am working and other times we venture off together to the unknown or known.

So the weekend of December 7 & 8 we were in Hot Springs, AR – one of our favorite places to visit. Here is a look into the 24 hours (not including sleep) of our trip!

We started out with the WinterTide exhibit attendance at the Fine Arts Center.

Then we went for an evening of dinner and entertainment at the Vienna. It is a live entertainment venue that was presenting a Christmas show that night. We were the odd couple in a room full of sorority ladies with their husbands that were one of the largest contributors to St. Jude Hospitals. Inspiring group. Our table was the odd man out group – a couple originally from Cuba, their friend, and two ladies that were friends with the owner. I also fell in love with the chandelier!

Early in the morning I snuck away while Hubby slept peacefully to get in a few shots of my favorite spring just across the street from our hotel, The Arlington. We took the rest of the day to venture out into Hot Springs and do some exploring of areas where we had not been before. We started with a quick trip up West Mountain and then heard of Garvan Gardens where they were hosting a holiday lights show.

At Garvan Gardens we found plenty of entertainment – lights, nature, music, and food!

All a very enjoyable and special 24 hours for my husband and I. We can’t wait to go back again and see what else we can find new to explore there!

special day hot springs