In My Day: # 18

Beautiful day today! Spent time working with Hubby in the front yard cleaning up the debris from the ice storm disaster in December. One of my jobs was to gather the large limbs and put them on a burning tree stump. I don’t have any photos of it after the fire started back – by then I think I was almost too tired to take photos! Love my hat with my ‘Horn on it?



In My Day: #13

Yup, second day this year that I forgot to take any photos. Not a single one, not on my phone, not on my iPad, not on my camera…

So what did I do on the 13th? I worked. Did a lot of work on my computer. And didn’t do much else. Watched a little TV and hung out with my husband. 

So here are a couple of photos of my Hubby! 

In My Day: #12

So I knew it would happen eventually – I forgot to take photos for the day! Can’t find a single one – not even on my phone.

So I thought I’d tell ya about the day and then I’ll do better – (and P.S. I did it two days in a row so I won’t have any for tomorrow either!)

I hung around the house while the men ground up meat from deer and pigs killed during hunting season to freeze for use in the future. I read on my iPad, watched NCIS, and didn’t do much.

And that is about it.

Here’s to Wikipedia and sharing their photo!