Rainbow: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Cee really stumped me with the challenge Rainbow! It is to showcase at least 4 vibrant colors. Looking thru my photos I found one that had 4 vibrant colors. I’m a big fan of the primary colors yet most of my photos only had up to 3 vibrant colors. I found this one for you. It is an iris with some visitors. I like the purple, the contrast of the red bugs and then the green and yellow thrown in for some variety! Enjoy!

all in the details

Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

When I first read the word “arranged” for this week’s post I was reminded of one of my favorite prints of Ansel Adams “Rose & Driftwood”. I have read that it is the only contrived photo that he offered. The rose is rumored to have come from his mother’s rose bush. I have it in my collection. So when my own rosebush bloomed last year I decided that I would take that inspriration and use the piece of driftwood that was beaver made to do my own version. Now do not get me wrong – I am nowhere near the artist that Mr. Adams was but I enjoyed the take on it as I found the beaver made driftwood at a river and the rose was one from my own rose bush.

The second photo I want to share with you is the cover photo for my “Flowers For Your Coffee Table” book. I arranged several spring flowers on the bench in my arbor for this photo.